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Our very Friendly Children's Dental office was specifically designed to allow our paediatric patient to be calm. Before even entering the office, the entrance is off a secure parking lot away from the busy car traffic on Sheppard Avenue. There is a stroller/ wheel chair ramp which children enjoy running up and down. The office waiting room has subdued colours similar to your own living room at home. To entertain your children before their scheduled appointment there are children's toys, books, movies and retro video games. Having a kid-friendly office helps too. All of our staff members have chosen to work in a paediatric dental practice because they love children. We are all trained in engaging children and managing their behaviour. We appreciate your allowing us to provide dental care for your child.

The First Appointment:

The first appointment is usually a "Get to Know" our new patient and their parent. We begin with a thorough review of the Medical History, perform an Oral Examination and when possible an appropriate X-Ray Examination. Dr. Schwartz or Dr. Thaci will discuss with you the oral condition of your child and recommend only necessary treatment. You will be given information so that you can make an educated choice of treatment and the various filling materials that we use. We will also discuss with you whether the treatment can be done in our office or should be done at North York General Hospital while your child is administered a general anaesthetic.

If the first appointment is an emergency we will try and get your child out of pain and do only treatment that is absolutely necessary. If time permits a comprehensive treatment plan will be discussed and a treatment plan and estimate provided to you.

How will our doctors help my child feel comfortable?

There are many methods to help make your child comfortable with dental treatment. Our doctors and staff utilize the "tell-Show-do" technique which is very effective for children. Coaching, distraction (televisions in the ceiling), open concept for patient modelling, and parent participation are other possibilities to give your child confidence in dentistry. If the dental work is extensive or the child is below the age of cooperation a general anaesthetic will be recommended so that your child has a fresh start on the road to dental health. If the treatment is to be done in our dental office the use of Nitrous Oxide (laughing Gas) and the no needle laser will also help to keep your child calm during filling appointments.

Do I accompany my child into the treatment area?

Infants and children under the age of 3 years are accompanied by a parent for most visits. For children older than 3 a parent may stay with the child and hold their hands or make physical contact with an arm or leg. We ask you to be silent when accompanying children over 3 years so that our doctors and staff can build a rapport with you son/or daughter. Studies and our own experience have shown that some children respond better when they experience the dental visit on their own. If you are asked to leave the treatment area we expect you to co-operate. Our job is to help your child get through their dental procedures as quickly and pleasantly as possible. Almost every child asks for his/her parent, so we anticipate this question. This is best handled with the use of distraction techniques. When a child asks for his/her parent, we tell them that mommy or daddy is waiting in the waiting room and will be so proud of him/her once he/she are finished.

Preparing My Child for their Dental Visit:

Tell your child about their upcoming visit to the dentist. Explain to your child that the dentist is here to help them have heathy teeth and gums. There are many excellent books written on going to the dentist and these may help to prepare your son/daughter. If you are positive and enthusiastic about your child's upcoming visit you will alloy your child to be calm and look forward to his/her appointment.

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