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Financial Policy

Please understand that financial arrangements are made directly with you. For your convenience the following outlines our financial policies.
  1. Payment is due in full for each appointment as services are rendered and is to be paid by the person accompanying the child. We accept Cash, Debit Card, Visa and MasterCard
  2. Dental Insurance: It is our policy to not accept assignment of benefits for private dental insurance. We will be happy to electronically submit a claim to your insurance. However payment is due in full at time of service. The type of plan chosen by you and/or your employer determines your insurance benefits. As such, we have no control over the terms of your contract, the method of reimbursement or the determination of your insurance benefits. Any reimbursement by your private insurance company will be made directly to you according to the terms of your contract with them.
  3. Treatment Plans and Pre-treatment Authorization: We routinely fill out treatment plans before treatment begins. Some insurance companies recommend an estimate of the work to be done and the fees to be charged before determining their benefits to you. We will be pleased to send out electronically this pre-treatment fee estimate. It will be up to you to determine if you wish to proceed with treatment before the insurance benefit is determined.
  4. Fillings: We offer a choice of dental restorations including white (composite Resin) silver (amalgam) and stainless steel crowns. Please be aware that some insurance companies pay at the same level as the less expensive silver (amalgam).
  5. Nitrous Oxide / Oxygen Analgesia: Our office uses Nitrous Oxide Analgesia (Laughing Gas) for the comfort of our young patients. The fee is not always covered by dental insurance.
  6. Appliances: The entire costs of appliances except for lab bill are charged at the time the child's impressions are taken. Lab fees and adjustment fees are charged at a later date.
  7. Emergency Treatment: All emergency treatment must be paid in full at the time the service is rendered.
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