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Infant Oral Care Tips

Caring for your child's oral health from 0-6 months lays the foundation for a healthy smile when they grow up. To help ensure your baby will have healthy teeth, here are some tooth-saving tips to follow:

  • Breastfeed if possible
  • Give breastfed babies vitamin D supplements
  • Brush baby's teeth
  • Do not nurse or give a bottle in bed
  • Only water is safe in a bedtime bottle
  • Avoid propping baby's bottle
  • Avoid letting baby walk around with a bottle or sippy cup
  • Wean baby off the bottle and sippy cup onto a regular cup by 12-14 months
  • Avoid giving Juice, Pop or sweet drinks for as long as possible
  • Don't give juice, pop, or sweet drinks in a bottle or sippy cup: use a regular cup
  • Limit unsweetened juice to 1/2 cup a day and dilute with water
  • Serve healthy food and drinks
  • Give water in between meals
  • Don't dip baby's soother in sweets
  • Use teething ring instead of biscuits

If you have any questions about infant oral care, don't hesitate to contact our children's dental office!

Infant oral care tips - Toronto Children's Dentist