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Best and Worst Foods for Your Kids' Teeth

Your child's diet is of utmost importance to their oral health. Here are lists of 5 foods to encourage and 5 foods to avoid in order to promote good oral health and minimize tooth decay.

  1. Water with fluoride - is a basic necessity, and for good reason. It rinses out their mouth, makes up their saliva - which is the first step of defense against decay, and strengthens enamel.
  2. Eggs - are a good source of protein, phosphates and vitamin D which build and maintain strong teeth.
  3. Leafy Green Vegetables - contains vitamins and minerals, which strengthen the enamel.
  4. Dairy products - specifically those without added sugars, help replace the minerals in teeth leached out by acidic food, and provide calcium, vitamin D, and phosphates.
  5. Fruits - specifically those high in fibre like apples and bananas, stimulate saliva flow, and scrub teeth similar to how a detergent would.
  1. Citrusy fruits - are highly acidic and can erode enamel over time.
  2. Sugary drinks - whether soda or juice, contain tons of sugar and acidic content that can cause tooth and gum damage.
  3. Starchy foods - especially bread and pasta made from white flour can lead to tooth decay.
  4. Chewy candy - can get stuck in crevices of the teeth for prolonged periods of time and erode enamel and cause cavities.
  5. Bubblegum - contains tons of sugar and stays in the mouth for a long time, leading to tooth decay.

If you have any questions about infant oral care, don't hesitate to contact our children's dental office!

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