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Common Misconceptions About Pediatric Dentistry

Chances are, you've heard a ton of dental tips from your friends and family over the years. While those tips can be extremely helpful, it is important to remember that they might not always be true! These are a few common tips and tricks you might have heard, and while they may seem believable, they're just misconceptions!

  1. "Toothaches will go away eventually."
  2. Unlike cuts and scrapes, tooth pain is usually caused by decay which has no way of healing itself! Make sure to contact us if your child complains about a toothache.

  3. "Decay in baby teeth doesn't matter because they fall out anyway."
  4. Although baby teeth will eventually fall out, they are very important! They affect the way your child's speech and chewing develop, and could even impact the way their adult teeth come in.

  5. "After showing them a few times, let your child brush their own teeth."
  6. Brushing teeth involves manual dexterity that most kids develop when they're around 8. Before that, it can be tricky for them to get all the spots they should be cleaning.

  7. "If your child doesn't eat too much candy, they won't get cavities."
  8. Cavities are caused by bacteria that can come from many snacks like cookies, juice, or even milk. Despite how healthy their diet might be, brushing is important!

  9. "Wait for your child to start school before taking them to the dentist."
  10. This is not true at all! Your child should see a dentist as early as their first tooth emerges , or at least before their first birthday.