Do I accompany my child into the treatment area?


Infants and children under the age of 3 years are accompanied by a parent for most visits. For children older than 3 a parent may stay with the child and hold their hands or make physical contact with an arm or leg. We ask you to be silent when accompanying children over 3 years so that our doctors and staff can build a rapport with you son/or daughter. Studies and our own experience have shown that some children respond better when they experience the dental visit on their own. If you are asked to leave the treatment area we expect you to co-operate. Our job is to help your child get through their dental procedures as quickly and pleasantly as possible. Almost every child asks for his/her parent, so we anticipate this question. This is best handled with the use of distraction techniques. When a child asks for his/her parent, we tell them that mommy or daddy is waiting in the waiting room and will be so proud of him/her once he/she are finished.

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