5 Things Your Child’s Dentist Can Detect (Aside from Cavities)

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Did you know that taking your child in for a dental appointment means more than just identifying cavities? There are a few other things you might be surprised to learn that your dentist is able to pick up on just by looking at your child’s teeth!

Nail Biting

By looking for cracked and chipped teeth, your child’s dentist may be able to identify a nail biting habit. Surprisingly, the nails aren’t what causes the wear and tear – rather, it’s the grinding of the top and bottom teeth against each other.

Sinus Infection

Did you know that a sinus infection is often mistaken for a toothache? The roots of the top teeth are positioned in the same area as the floor of the sinuses, so discomfort in the two areas can be muddled up. A quick test is to tell your child to touch their toes. If the pain worsens, it is likely the result of a sinus infection.

Iron Deficiency

There are a few oral indicators of iron deficiencies, including bleeding gums, delayed healing of oral injuries, oral tissue shedding, increased infection, burning tongue syndrome, or sores.

Carbonated Drink Consumption

Not just prevalence of cavities, but also due to softened enamel and chipped teeth, a dentist can identify if your child is consuming too many carbonated beverages.

Did you notice any of these in your child? Make sure to request an appointment to make sure your child’s oral and overall health is on track.

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