5 Tips to Help Your Kids Brush Their Teeth

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The trouble that parents go through to get their kids to brush their teeth is beyond what words can explain. Brushing seems like such a simple task to us, then what is the reason for kids to view it as a dreadful punishment? The reasons for this could be hating their toothbrush color, feeling like brushing is useless, not receiving positive encouragement from parents, simply not being of an age to be able to appreciate their oral health, and much much more.

It is best if kids can get into the habit of brushing twice and flossing once a day while they are very young. Here are five tips parents can use to help their kids brush their teeth:

1. Clarify the Importance of Brushing

It is extremely important that your kid knows the benefits of brushing, and the consequences of not brushing. You can explain all of this information with clarity through simple storytelling. Tell them about the cavity monsters who will eat their teeth and the tooth fairy who will leave a present, but only if they brush. Knowing the information about why brushing is important, especially if they are at an age where they can appreciate, will cheer them to brush every day.

2. Let Them Choose Their Oral Care Products

For a kid, there is an immense pleasure in choosing their own toothbrush and toothpaste. Toothbrushes come in all kinds of cartoons and colors. Toothpastes come in all kinds of flavors. Next time you buy oral care products, take your kid with you and let them have their pick. This will definitely get them excited about brushing their teeth.

3. Brush with Them

You should brush with your kid every chance you get. Especially when they are very young because as you know, kids love to imitate their parents. This, in turn, will develop into a habit. While you brush, you should show them the proper techniques of brushing and teach them how to practice good oral hygiene. Lead by example and your kids will follow you since they tend to want to be more like you.

4. Play Games while Brushing

To make it more fun, play games and have contests with them during brushing time. You can have competitions to see who can make the most bubbles and to see who can brush their teeth the best. You can even test to see if they have brushed their teeth well using dissolving agents which can be bought at any pharmacy. When chewed, these dissolving agents will make areas with plaque appear pink. This will teach them more about proper brushing and the games will help give them a positive brushing experience.

5. Reward Them

Kids respond well to rewards more than punishments, so using rewards as motivators for brushing will encourage your kids to brush more. These rewards can be as simple as a star on a sticker chart for brushing twice a day. This would work even better if there are multiple kids in your family, as you could set it up so the kid with the most stars in a month can get a prize.

Using these tips, you can increase the likelihood of your kids brushing their teeth daily. In addition, your kids will enjoy brushing their teeth, which they dreaded previously. Consequently, with time, this will turn into a habit and they will never sleep without brushing their teeth!

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