Tips for Teething

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Teething is a difficult time for parents, and even worse for babies. It’s an uncomfortable but an inevitable process, so all you can really do is try to comfort your child and alleviate the discomfort to the best of your abilities.

Massage the Gums

Using a damp gauze, or even a clean finger to rub your baby’s gum. The pressure applied can ease discomfort.

Cold, Hard Foods

Provide something your child can chew and munch on, preferably something like a chilled carrot or cucumber. Just make sure it is not a choking hazard.


Be proactive about wiping up excessive drool. This prevents skin irritation that would only further the discomfort.

Over-the-Counter Pain Relief

If it comes to it, don’t be afraid to provide your baby with an appropriate pain reliever (e.g. infant suitable Tylenol or Advil) that can help more extreme cases.

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