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Our very Friendly Children’s Dental office was specifically designed to allow our paediatric patient to be calm. Before even entering the office, the entrance is off a secure parking lot away from the busy car traffic on Sheppard Avenue. There is a stroller/ wheel chair ramp, which children enjoy running up and down. The office waiting room has subdued colours similar to your own living room at home. To entertain your children before their scheduled appointment there are children’s toys, books, movies and retro video games. Having a kid-friendly office helps too.

Your Mouth, Your Decisions!

We focus on making your little one feel like a big deal! Our aim is to work closely with your family to give your child the unique and specialized care that they deserve.


Create an individualized plan with the dentist that addresses your child’s specific treatment needs.


Complete treatment in a way that works for your family!


Help you and your child maintain a healthy cavity-free mouth.


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